Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Tanqueray & Tonic (T&T)

OK. Let's cut to brass tax here. Some people like to fuck around with simple half and half drinks like the T&T. They like to pour, I don't know, a quarter booze and load the rest up with mixer. Or a third booze and two thirds mixer.

Then they like to preen and schmooze with the high-class douches, blowing kisses to each other over their... ahem... cocktails.

I'm too working class for that bullshit. When I pour a mixed drink, I want to taste the alcohol, because I enjoy the taste of alcohol. If I wanted to, say, drink tonic, then maybe I'd go heavy on the tonic and light on the gin.

And maybe I'd wear Nantucket Red slacks and a commodore's cap, and go cruising with all the other faux yachties Downtown.

Which begs the question: If you don't like the taste of gin, why not just drink tonic? Because the end result of anything less than a half and half T&T is exactly that: tonic with a splash of gin.

Pretty goddamned weak, if you ask me.

That out of the way, let's mix a hardcore Tanqueray and Tonic.

Ingredients are as follows:

Pint Glass
Tanqueray Gin (The normal stuff pictured above is fine. Tanqueray Ten is higher quality, and quite frankly wasted in T&T's.)
Tonic Water (Polar is inexpensive, and fine for our purposes.)


Fill your pint glass with ice
Fill halfway with gin (Of course, half depends on the eye of the beholder. Since I'm a booze optimist, half is always slightly more than half.)
Top off with tonic
Garnish with a lime wedge (Roughly an eighth of a lime, cut lengthwise. I always give my wedges a quick squeeze before throwing them in.)

I usually skip straws. Straws, far as I'm concerned, are for sodas.

Then again, if you're pouring less than a half and half T&T, straws are right up your alley. Slurp, slurp away.

Now, though we'll move ahead to more complex drinks, I'll occasionally throw in a half and half like the T&T for a little something easy. But the preparation will be much the same: Half booze, half mixer.

Next, we'll discuss another, more potent gin drink: The gin martini. We'll skip the Tanqueray next time, though, and move up to Bombay Sapphire.

P.S. If you want a quality ECONOMY gin and tonic, go with Gordon's gin and throw it in the fridge or freezer. At less than $20 for a handle (1.75 L bottle), the Gordon's provides potency and decent taste at an excellent price.

Bottom Line: T&T's are perfect on summer nights.


  1. would you hate me if i told you i usually drink sprite with my tanqueray? i HATE the taste of tonic. i do like a very stong tanqueray and sprite though. my glass is def. half full with the T.

  2. no no no... that's fine by me. i know quite a few people that drink gin and sprite, and i've been known to do so if there's no tonic kicking around. tonic is a little too strange tasting for some, but it treats me just fine.

  3. Half booze, half mixer: truer words never spoken. I also concur that straws are for sodas (bitches).

    Refreshing to see there is another soul that knows how to drink this planet's alcohol.